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Welcome to the BizTek Builder Knowledge Base

We’re really glad you’re here! The knowledge base is divided into collections of articles, which are listed in the menu at the top of the page. There’s one collection for the BizTek Builder plugin and one for the BizTek Page Builder theme. Installing BizTek Builder and articles on getting started are in the General collection.…

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System Requirements for BizTek Builder

Requirements are different for building content layouts versus displaying rendered layouts and theme areas (headers, footers, sidebars), as follows. Requirements for viewing rendered web pages built with BizTek Builder Applies to: Published BizTek Page Builder content layouts and the BizTek Pro Theme areas Supported browsers The latest three versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge/Internet…

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What Can I Do with BizTek Builder?

OK, you’ve installed the BizTek Builder plugin on your WordPress site. And you’ve installed a WordPress theme. Now what? Here is an overview of the BizTek Builder plugin and BizTek Pro Theme. Theme vs. Plugin BizTek Builder Plugin BizTek Pro Theme Pages vs. Blog Posts Theme vs. Plugin (back to Overview) First, some terminology. A…

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