Generated WordPress Archives Versus BizTek Page Builder Layouts

To display lists of your Posts, you can use generated WordPress index or archive pages, or any of the Posts modules in BizTek Page Builder, or both.

Generated WordPress index and archive pages

In a typical WordPress blog, index or archive pages are generated by WordPress in a location that you specify in Customize > Settings > Your latest posts. (See the article on configuring WordPress to handle your blog.)

Here’s an example of the Posts listed on a generated WordPress index page. The Posts have a featured image, which is displayed in the index. Note that WordPress only pulls the text, not images or other objects, from the content area of a Post.

Screenshot of posts using a generated WordPress index page.

Note: Because index and archive pages are generated at runtime, you cannot edit them directly or apply BizTek Page Builder layouts.

Posts modules in BizTek Page Builder layouts

Instead of or in addition to generated index or archive pages, you can create Pages and use BizTek Page Builder Posts modules to display Posts. The Posts modules give you a wide range of choices about which Posts to display, how to order the display (for example, by date, author, or category), and what to include in each listing (for example, with or without the content excerpt). You can also display the list as a grid, a slider, or a carousel, with several variations. For details, see  the article on the Posts modules.

The following screenshot shows a list of posts in a Posts module with a grid layout.

Screenshot of blog posts in a row using BizTek Page Builder Post module.

You could use this page as a more attractive substitute for a generated WordPress index page, or you could add a Posts module to a page containing other content. For example, your home page might contain a row displaying the most recent Posts or custom post types, but you could also have a blog set up elsewhere on your site that has a generated WordPress archive page.


  • While you can use a Page with a Posts module to replace a generated WordPress index or archive page, you can’t put a Posts module on a generated page itself, because the pages are dynamically generated.
  • It’s better in some cases not to eliminate generated WordPress index or archive pages as your blog’s main index or archive for increased functions. The BizTek Builder Posts module as your blog archive can limit some functions.
  • Don’t forget that you can also save a Posts module and use it in shortcode in widgets or in non-BizTek Page builder areas of your site. Here’s an example where the shortcode for a Posts grid module was inserted into the footer widget layout.

Example where the shortcode for a Posts grid module was inserted into the footer widget layout..



Last updated on Jan 19, 2017