Customizer Settings: The Content Tab

The content area is everything between your site’s header and footer. Here are the options you can set.

Note: The Blog layout, Archive layout, and Post Layout settings apply to all Posts, regardless of whether they are built with BizTek Page Builder. If you want to use BizTek Page Builder with Posts,  see this overview article.

Content background

Set a background color or image for the content area. For full-width layouts, this color will fill the entire area between header and footer, from edge to edge of the browser window. For boxed layouts, the color will fill the box between the header and footer.

Blog layout

If you have any blog posts, set layout options for the post and archive pages. There are two categories of settings:

  • Sidebar
    If and where it appears, size, which devices it appears on.
    Note that by default, the sidebar appears on Posts only, not Pages. You can enable the sidebar for individual Pages using the Templates field when you edit the page. See the Related Article on page templates below for more information.
    If this sidebar is enabled for Posts, it appears by default on Posts, but you can suppress it on individual Posts by choosing Full width in the Templates field when you edit the Post. See the Related Article on page templates below for more information.
    You can configure what appears in the sidebar by going to the WordPress admin panel and choosing Appearance > Widgets.
  • Post meta
    Show or hide author, date, or comment count.

Archive layout

For archive pages that display a list of your blog posts (such as when you set your home page to display your latest blog posts in Customize > Settings), you can set options for how the posts are displayed.

  • Full post or a summary
    If you have a lot of blogs or very long ones, it’s helpful to display a summary with a Read More link that takes you to the actual post. You can also change Read More to say something else.
  • Positioning of the featured image
    You can show or hide the featured image from each post and choose where to display it in relation to the text.

Post layout

Set options for individual blog posts (which appear in the Posts list on your WordPress dashboard). You can choose whether to show or hide the following items:

  • Featured image for each post
  • Post categories
  • Post tags
  • Previous/next links to other posts

WooCommerce layout

Set options for the custom post type pages that WooCommerce uses. You can set the following options:

  • Hide the WooCommerce sidebar or place it on the left or right.
  • Show or hide the Add to Cart button.
  • Enable or disable the BizTek Pro Theme’s custom WooCommerce styles and revert to WooCommerce’s default style.


If you enable the lightbox, images you insert into a page automatically come with a link that, when clicked,  open the image in a lightbox. This is recommended so that your visitors have the opportunity to view a larger version of your images.


Last updated on Jan 19, 2017