Delete a Saved Row or Module

You can delete saved rows or modules that you’ve inserted in your layout, or you can delete the rows and modules that you’ve saved centrally.

Delete a saved row or module from page layout

You can delete it from a page layout just as you would delete any other row or module. Even if it’s an instance of a global row or module, it will not affect the centrally saved version in any way.

Delete a saved row or module centrally

If you delete the saved row or module centrally, all instances of that row or module that you already inserted in the layout will remain as they are. All instances of global rows or modules will lose their links with each other and function as regular modules in the layout.

Delete a saved row or module centrally from either of two places:

  • From the Add Content panel in a page open for editing in BizTek Page Builder, expand the Saved rows or Saved modules section and click the X belonging to the module you want to delete.
  • In the WordPress admin panel choose Templates. Mouse over the row or module you want to delete and click Trash.