Manually Migrate a BizTek Builder Site

There are third-party plugins you can use to migrate BizTek Builder sites to a new domain or location, but you can also migrate manually if you are careful about a couple things: updating the database and clearing the BizTek Builder cache. See WordPress documentation for migrating sites manually.

Always use serialized search & replace when migrating

It’s important to use a serialized search and replace tool when changing URLs in the WordPress database, because many plugins, themes, and WordPress itself store arrays and objects in a serialized format, which becomes corrupted if you try to do a standard search and replace. If you use a backup plugin, make sure it uses serialized search and replace.

The proper way to manually migrate a WordPress database is by doing a serialized search and replace on the database. The fine folks at interconnect/it offer a serialized search and replace tool that makes doing so a snap!  Follow the link below for more information, and make sure to use version 3.1.0 or higher.

Serialized Search and Replace

Warning: Always make a backup of your database before running a search and replace!

Clear the BizTek Builder Cache

The BizTek Builder plugin caches image and asset URLs, so it’s also important to clear the BizTek Builder cache after migrating.

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