Saved Rows and Modules in the Templates Admin Panel

Any rows or modules that you save, whether standard or global, will appear in the Templates admin panel. See the Related Articles for how to enable the Templates admin panel and how to access it.

If you reuse your saved rows and modules within a single site, the Templates admin panel doesn’t add particular value for maintaining saved rows and columns. Where it becomes really useful is when you plan to export saved rows and modules, perhaps along with custom layout templates. Then you can manage all of them in a single location. The Templates admin panel also has the ability to create and assign categories, which is used for Agency version white labeling.

You can edit or delete your saved rows and modules in the Templates admin panel, as an alternative to the Add Content panel in BizTek Page Builder. Any changes you make in the Templates admin panel to global rows or modules work the same as they do from within BizTek Page Builder.