Set Default Row Widths Sitewide

You can use BizTek Page Builder’s Global Settings to change default settings for whether rows are full width or fixed, and, if fixed width, the maximum width in pixels for the row.

By setting the default row width and row content width settings, it means that every time you create a row, the row widths are initially set to those defaults. You are free to change individual row settings to something else.

Note: While you can individually change row and row content width to Full width or Fixed, the number of pixels for the Fixed content width can only be set site-wide, following the procedure here.

For a thorough explanation of full-width and fixed rows and row content, see the  overview article on full-width and fixed layouts.

Note: If you set the row width to Fixed in BizTek Page Builder, either in Global Settings or in individual rows, this setting can get overridden if your theme is set to full-width rows. If you have problems after you set the row width, check your theme settings as well.

To set default row width sitewide in BizTek Page Builder:

  1. In BizTek Page Builder, click Tools > Global Settings in the upper right corner of the screen, and scroll down to the Rows section.Screenshot of the Rows section in the BizTek Page Builder menu.
  2. For Max width, set the maximum number of pixels for row content when the row width is Fixed.
    Note that you cannot override this setting in individual rows, and it applies only to rows that have fixed content width.
  3. For Default row width, set whether you want new rows to be Full width or Fixed by default.
    You can override the default setting in individual rows in your layout.
  4. If your default row width is set to Full Width, choose whether the Default row content width is Full width or Fixed.
    You can override this setting in individual rows in your layout.
  5. Click Save.


Last updated on Dec 1, 2016