Unlink a Global Row or Module in Your Layout

Sometimes you want to be able to change a particular instance of a saved global row or module in your layout without affecting the saved version or any of the other instances.

You can identify a global row or module in your layout because it shows an orange overlay when you mouse over it.

Tip: If you want to go further and change the saved row or module so all the instances become unlinked, see the Related Article on converting a global saved row to standard.

To unlink a row or module in your layout from the global saved version:

  1. Duplicate the global row or module in your layout by clicking the icon circled in black:
    Screenshot of the duplicate global row or module icon.The new instance created is a standard row or module, no longer linked to the saved version.
  2. Delete the global instance of the row or module from your layout.
    The global saved row will continue to function as global whenever you drag a new instance into your layout.